It is difficult to move to a new country for studies. You leave behind your family members and your known territory. When you are admitted to a good Canadian university, you will spend most of your time studying.

These universities provide a lot of opportunities for the international and local students to get friendly with other fellow students. They organize activities to teach various life skills other than those in the textbooks. Here are some extracurricular activities that the students can get involved in.

Volunteer work

Volunteer work - Extracurricular Activities In Canadian Education Centres

You can be a part of any good cause by working voluntarily on various social or environmental campaigns. You will feel good volunteering for a good cause. There are many NGOs in Canada that look for volunteers, and you can apply for the post.

Recreational sports clubs

Recreational sports clubs - Extracurricular Activities In Canadian Education Centres

You can get into recreational sports clubs. These include mountain climbing, kayaking, and others. You can be part of a college-sponsored sports team.

International student society

Most universities in Canada have an international student society. You should be part of it. That way you will mix with others from your country or nearby places. You will get the chance to make new friends and have some good times at the institution.

Hobby and interest groups

Hobby and interest groups - Extracurricular Activities In Canadian Education Centres

There are hobby groups like book or cinema clubs. You become a member of these groups and do whatever you enjoy doing along with others. You can read books or watch movies together.

Arts and culture club

Arts and culture club - Extracurricular Activities In Canadian Education Centres

These clubs will allow you to learn about other cultures. You can practice your art skills and paint along with others in the club. You can learn calligraphy, ballroom dancing, or other culture-related things there.

Social clubs

In social clubs, there can be dance or cooking classes. Events can be organized by these clubs that will help the local communities, like fundraising events for a good cause. Dance nights can also be arranged so that the students can have a good time.

Academic clubs

Academic clubs - Extracurricular Activities In Canadian Education Centres

In this club, the students discuss academic-related topics. It helps the students better understand various concepts related to their studies. They learn new things outside the classroom as well.

These activities keep the students motivated to study at the institution. They feel good with their friends and stay engaged with various fun activities.