Prospective Members

  • The prospective Compass member and parent/s meet with Compass staff to envision and map a unique educational plan. This academic plan is based on the teen’s interests, while also fulfilling the parents’ needs. We facilitate this process through discussion, brainstorming and recommendations based on the extensive educational experience of the Compass staff.
  • In order to leave school legally, the teen must register as a homeschooled student according to the guidelines of his or her school board.
  • Teens and their parents are asked to fill out the registration packet which contains important information regarding Compass. We also highly encourage each teen and at least one parent to write an introductory letter.
  • Each member is assigned an advisor who will set up individual meetings twice a month to track progress, help imagine and realize goals, and facilitate tutorials and community connections. Assistance with university admissions, if desired, is available as part of this process.
  • We will also set up meetings with the parents and teen together three times each year or more if needed.

As a Member

  • Teens attend Compass according to their customized educational plans. Some teens come every day while others spend time in the community at internships, attending or auditing university classes, taking on part time jobs, and more.
  • Compass offers classes and workshops between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, four days a week. Our classes represent the interests and passions of our current staff and volunteers.
  • Pending interest, there will also be an outdoor education day on Mondays.
  • Attendance at Compass is voluntary. Compass members are free to come and go throughout the day.


If you would like more information about becoming a member at the Compass Centre for Self-Directed Learning, please contact us at or call (613) 916-6303.

We always welcome guests. Please contact us to set up a day and time.